Alarm Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems

 Every year there are over a million burglaries or attempted burglaries in the UK alone, that’s one every 37 seconds. If you have been burgled previously and do not have an alarm fitted, statistics show that you are twice as likely to be burgled again. 

 According to the Crime survey report, burglars will target houses without any visible signs of security such as security lighting or alarm bell boxes, if you are one of these houses you may want to think about improving your homes security.

 COBA Electrical Services can help you with all your home security needs by installing an alarm system or security lighting system to suit your needs. We can install a dialler type system which can phone your mobile or other designated numbers to alert you of an alarm, vibration alarms, glass break detectors or a panic button as during a quarter of all burglaries someone is at home and aware that a burglary is taking place.

Protect your home now and have peace of mind with one of our installed alarms systems and security lighting designs.