Part P of the Building Regulations


Part P

Part P of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) was introduced by the Government on January 1st 2005.  It is designed to reduce accidents caused by faulty electrical installations and to prevent incompetent installers from leaving electrical installations in an unsafe condition.

Part P applies to the following situations:

* Dwelling houses and flats

* Dwellings and business premises that have a common supply eg shops that have a flat above

 * Common access areas in blocks of flats such as corridors or staircases

  * Shared amenities in blocks of flats such as laundries or gyms

  * In or on land associated with dwellings – such as fixed lighting or pond pumps in gardens

   * Outbuildings such as sheds, detached garages and greenhouses

The changes to Part P of the Building Regulations mean that all notifiable electrical work carried out in domestic situations (dwellings) must be reported to Local Authority Building Control. The notification should be made before work starts, unless it is carried out by a ‘Competent Person’ who is on an ‘Approved Register’ (such as NICEIC), who can therefore self-certify their work.

NICEIC currently holds Government approved registers for both full scope (electrician) and defined scope (allied trades such as kitchen & bathroom fitters, plumbers, alarm installers etc.), and we are committed to helping our Members meet the requirements of the new legislation. 

NICEIC Members can self-certify their electrical works for the category in which they are registered, saving time and money.


Notifiable Jobs must still be registered with Local Authority Building Control, but NICEIC Members can do this easily and quickly and meet all the legal requirements using NICEIC online Works Notification System or by Post or Fax. Click here for more details on the On line Works Notification System.