Many houses still have the old wiring, this can be unsafe and a potential fire hazard. It can also affect the value of your house, as old wiring is often highlighted as a concern on building surveys when buying a new house. It is recommended that properties be rewired every 25 years and tested every 10 years.

If you can answer yes to any of the below questions you maybe in need of a rewire or your installation upgrading. COBA Electrical offers a free no obligation quote for rewires so gives us a ring today to book an inspection.

Things to look for are

Old style distribution boards with rewireable fuses

Dangerous looking wiring

Overloading of sockets or extension leads everywhere

Do fuses flow regularly?

Scorch marks on plugs or sockets

Lights with the old style twisted flex

Cables missing and earth wire

Lights or sockets with the old wooden back boxes or mounting plates

Has your house been tested within the last 10 years?