Storage Heaters

Storage Heaters

 Storage heaters offer a suitable option for heating where gas or oil boilers are not available. Heaters come in all sizes from 0.9Kw which would be suitable for a small sized room or toilet up to a 3.4Kw which would be suitable for larger rooms and lounges.

Storage heaters come is a variety of size and options.


Storage heaters are ideal for living & dining rooms, hallways and landings. The range can also be used in bathrooms outside zone 2, provided the installation complies with IEE regulations.

Storage heaters offer comfortable warmth throughout the day taking advantage of low-tariff electricity.
Manual models charge throughout the low-tariff period

Combined Storage & Convection Heater

Combined storage heaters offer the advantage of a storage heater and convector heater in one unit.

The convector can be used to supplement the heat provided by the storage heater, or it can be used when the storage heater is switched off.

Storage heaters offer comfortable warmth throughout the day,
while the convector supplies instant heat only when it’s needed

Storage Heater with Fan Heater

Automatically controlled storage heater with the added benefit of a Fan heater

Duo Heat

The beauty of Duo Heat is that it can operate as a single heater – just set to the comfort levels and leave it to work. Alternatively it can operate as part of a whole house system, working in harmony with other heating types if desired. It can be connected to the optional central control timer which can be set to provide different temperature settings in different rooms, individually for each day of the week and across
multiple zones. For example in a family home, heaters in the living areas can be programmed to operate at full comfort temperatures during the late afternoon and evening, with heaters in children’s rooms coming on at 7pm and say 10pm in the master bedrooms

Fan Assisted

Fan assisted storage heaters incorporate a low speed silent fan. The fan draws air through the core of the heater and discharges through the vent at the base of the heater at a time that suits you. Until then the heat is stored efficiently inside the high thermally insulated unit